Solo Traveler- September 16

Solo Travel; Christmas Explorations

Yeah! We’re mentioned in another wonderful spot because of our amazing City of Santa Fe marketing people. Thank you Cynthia Delgado, John Feins & #CitySantaFe! I love you! –Article by @Julia of 35 Solo Travel Destinations for Christmas and New Years You may be excited by the prospect, or you may approach it with dread. However you think about …

Lilly Lulu LaRoo FireLamb

Honor the Love.

This Lady is my Heart. She inspires me, nurtures me. Tonight I learned that her heart is surrounded by fluid. And is filled with a tumor. And my Heart…has just broken. Too ‘old’ for surgery, there is nothing I can do but Pray. Me; one whose Faith has been the size of a mustard seed for too long…. I’m on …

Maasi on Easel

Self Care Reminder; = Painting

Today the Message I keep hearing centers on “Self Care.” It’s so easy to skip about the day, catapulting from one task to the next. This morning I am reminded that my passion for painting is not only my work, and my art, but also how I best take care of my heart. So I stepped back in front of …

Camp Korey memories

Just found these precious photos from teaching art to developmentally disabled kids in WA….<3  


Inspired and empowered by Dream Journal workshop!

Today I received the loveliest thoughts from a beautiful woman who attended my Vision/ Dream Journaling workshop…. “I had come to a time in my life where I was devoid of hopes, dreams, wishes or any form of future thought, other than dread and a mild fear. I knew it was not a great way to live, so when I …

Robbi Firestone, Cindy Conn, David Lamb, and Joanne Lefrak

Gypsies in New York Social Calendar

Themed ‘Goya’s gypsy caravan, our Santa Fe Opera tailgate party inspired the New York Social Calendar to feature Santa Fe Opera! Publisher of New Mexico Magazine, author Candace Walsh, Executive Director Creative Santa Fe Cyndi Conn, me! Artists Robbi Firestone and Joanne Lefrak all came together to make Santa Fe’s Opera Carmen a smashing success! (I’m sure the singers had …


Voldemort Vs. Arch Angel Michael Sunset

I’m committed to a life of wonder, and wondering, “WT heck just happened?” I vision, dream, act. And, the hits just keep coming. The bolder I commit to living, the brighter the pains and pleasures. Here’s to a Voldemort meets Arch Angel Michael sunset. Life. Commit me. I’m Yours.