I’m Supposed to Blog about Art?

I’m an artist. And I’m supposed to blog about Art? Some ask me recently my blogs are not often “Arts Focused.” The answer is; (drumroll please)…Life. Art Equals Life. Living. My everyday life experience informs my art. Inspires it. Creates it. And I’m inspired by that which is educational, motivational, inspirational, and oh yeah, art. I love that our lives …


Which of Your Quirks Liberate You?

Excited! Today I begin teaching a Foundations Class at Everyday Center for Spiritual Living. I LOVE the sassy, bad ass minister, Rev. Gayle Dillon (who has done her Work!), love the community, LOVE being in the presence of folks passionate about stepping up in their lives; becoming more self aware every day. Quirky tho’ it is, that’s right. I’m a …


What Scares the Hell Out’cha?

Me post Whistler bungee with my warrior sister, Kit. What are you willing to do today that scares the hell out’cha? I’m calling some potential clients. Arg… You?


Practicing Mindfulness, (Darn It!)

Practicing Mindfulness. And Love. These are my assignments from a wise one this month (my amazing shrink. Yup. You didn’t think I was a sane artist, did you?) This psychiatrist went to monestary for 3 years. I love that his perspective is profoundly skilled on matters of the mind as a scientist, but also that he Believes. Believes in something …


Delicate Graffiti, artist Cira Crowell

I often am challenged explaining my love of Los Angeles; the delicacy, beauties and intimacies you find in the city. So many can find no peace in Los Angeles. Artist Cira Crowell has further opened my eyes to the beauty I see as humanity etches its mark on the concrete ‘cave drawings’ of the city. Graffiti is simply another contemporary …


PoDunk, Hillbilly Discovers Herself (me)!

(Left to Right; My cute Sis. Auntie. PoDunk Hillbilly Girl (me).) Imagine. Me, 16 years old. Po-dunk, hillbilly girl from Poplar Bluff, Missouri. My dad (30 year, world gallivanting embassy Marine) had sophistication. But me? NONE. So, 16 years old, attending my Crazy Artist Auntie’s wedding in the big-city-bright-lights San Fran-(F-k-ing)-cisco. Aunt Jean? Exotic and elegnant in her enormous wedding hat. …


Be Willing To Do What Others Are Not

(yup. Thats me. Just jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, and blowing a kiss at YOU!) “Be Willing To Do What Others Are Not” This is one of my favorite thoughts; it motivates me, dares me to grow, challenges me, focuses and fires me. I’ve jumped from a perfectly good airplane, SCUBA with sharks, hiked the Inca Trail and …


Claim Your Greatness

After the Art2Art Event for the Commisson of Cultural Affairs, a lovely woman requested a meet for tea. A writer since she was a child, she has felt stilted, unsure to claim herself as writer. Here’s a reminder; Jesus Christ CLAIMED his greatness. He didn’t pussyfoot around, saying meekly, “Gosh Golly, I think God loves me.” He proclaimed the Truth, …


Dispelling the Starving Artist Myth

Are you an artist, perhaps unconvinced you can sell your work? Here’s a wonderful resource; Cory Huff; Dispelling the Starving Artist Myth. His wisdom is helpful for working through your beliefs that you’re not good enough, don’t know what steps to take, etc… So, cheers to your Creative Freedom! And moreover, to your Financial Freedom! Hugs, Rob  


Be Careful, But Only in a Perverse Way

My contemplation today regarding painting (and life?), by Richard Diebenkorn… “Be careful, but only in a perverse way.” There is so much perversion; today I saw a baby cottontail trapped between two cars. Overwhelmed, frightened, he knew not where to turn. Then, sadly, his bright red blood spilling…, then green light ….Witnessing his crushed body twitch, I instantly cracked; cried, …