Art Today

What art did I see today? Well, right now I’m looking at a pastel from Mendocino, CA, an oil portrait by some artist, a Mexican weaving, and African fertility symbol, silver from Johannesburg, leather from Florence, Italy, Egyptian pillows, metal work from Eastern WA, stone sculpture from Sedona and glass from here. This hat on Joseph I bought from Shamans …


Community as simple as ice cream

One person continues to inspire me in my neighborhood. Despite a little bout with a recent heart attack, he inspires a slow, steady, intelligent stride toward cohesive community where none existed in the midst of former urban decay. By creating a coalition of the most passionate, open hearted business owners and residents, we meet monthly, and plan gatherings. We plant …


Ebb, Flow…= Receiving

Today I’m kickin’ back and savoring life. Why? I’m recently engaged and deeply in love. Committed to the man of my dreams. (I refused to settle!) I’ve found a Paradise town… sweet, rural…to raise our family while riding horses, reading books outdoors all year long, and hiking in the sun. I’m enjoying my body as a woman, my physical strengths …


Create the Life YOU Desire

Artists often ask me… “How do I ‘make it’ as a professional artist?” Smiling to myself and not looking forward to their reaction, I repeat my most authentic reply, “Take business classes.” I wish it were a sexier answer, an answer that a free spirited, gifted, wonderful Cultural Creative would love to hear. Yet this week alone, I spent hours …


The Northwest Witch of November

Two nights ago, the NorthWest Witch of November rattled my studio windows.  She blew over a 70 pound potted plant on my terrace.  She pulverized the cobalt blue, terra-cotta urn; exposed a grid of tightly woven root.  This beautiful, white flowering bush, bound on all sides by this vessel, badly needed transplant.  Completely oblivious, I enjoyed its feather white beauty, hummingbirds, fragrance…I appreciated …


Soldier for Life, My Daddy

My Dad leaned a 20 foot ladder against the house. A robin built her nest on the top of the ladder. Each spring she hatches 2 sets of eggs. He’s not moved the ladder in 3 years. Dad bought a new ladder. (PS. Notice the angels behind him?)


Art as Investment

“Banks fall over, art triumphs,” former Royal Academy chief Norman Rosenthal told the Guardian newspaper. Charles Dupplin, an art expert at specialist insurers Hiscox, said the sale was “another landmark and astounding day for the art market in a year that has seen many long-standing records demolished, despite the gloomy world economy.” But some remained unimpressed  


Passionate, Turbulent: New Eyes for Art

Yesterday my nephew, Dakota, and I visited the Museum of Glass & Hot Shop, Tacoma Glassblowing Studio, Traver Gallery and Washington State Historical Museum. He’s 16. Cody likes cars, hunting, my Iphone and Seen Babes. How was this young man able to spend so much time in ‘Art World’ with me? I simply asked him to go. He said, “Yeah. …


MercyMe with Robbi Firestone

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting…as I work through my new website creation, plus the launch of my upcoming product line, please forgive me for not being ‘on top’ of my blog… I have a new commitment to communicating more. Having just recieved this video from photographer Erin Lund, I’d love for you to take a peek! Its fun!!!! I so …


It’s My Responsibility Now

Last week, Jack, a homeless gentleman I met recently walked along the city store fronts, pulling cigarettes and trash from planters and tossing them into the road for the eventual street sweeper. I felt overwhelming love, respect, and gratitude for this man’s commitment to beautifying this place. (If I’d been walking, I’d have thanked him in person, and later asked …