What fear stops you?

I fell off my bicycle when I was eleven. With mirror glass driven into my bone, quartz stone jagged, piercing, imbedded into flesh, the slightest breeze screamed through my skin. I dug shards of stone and glass out of my layers of my body with a steak knife heated on the stove.

Epidermis, ligament, cartilage, bone. It took an hour. Much pain. Scars stay all along my body. Remember that feeling? To fall very Hard and skin your knee… badly, like when you’re a kid. Everything Is Raw. I felt my body Fully, completely alive, present and physical… All of its Beingness.

It was a profound accident, and taught me about my body and mind in many ways. My torn knee with raked skin brought all attention to the stinging wound. Then came the fears and lack of consciousness: the ‘I don’t want to ride my bike again’ Left me with a scar difficult to release–physically, and emotionally. Do I want to ever ride my bike again?

The stakes became high. It was a very hard fall. I ride bikes, motorcycles, I jump from planes, swim with sharks and dive into Consciousness intensives to prevent succumbing to my fears. That is why I adventure, since you asked. What are you afraid of?

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