Holiday Love Letters

One very cold Missouri Christmas, my parents had little money for presents. My beloved step mother spent Christmas eve distraught. When I went to bed she was crying; she felt she couldn’t ‘give us enough’. Christmas morning I awoke, trying to soften the disappointment I knew would come. I understood this was out of my parents control. When I finally creeped into the living room, I found a simple white envelop hanging like an ornament on the fractured, artificial tree. My mom had written each of us a letter. It told the many ways my she loved us individually. Mine described my compassion, creativity, empathy and intelligence. She loved that I cry for the little unicorn and Bambi, that I bring flowers to the neighbors, and adopt every stray dog in sight. She told me all the reasons why she was proud that when I was 6 years old, she chose me as her daughter and married my awesome dad. Thirty years ago, the Spirit Capture letter was born. My mom inspired so much of who I am now. I now follow her lead and write a letter to my client. I write of the many ways I most love and respect them, and how they are gifts to the planet. If times feel constricted now with the economic challenges we face, consider your own Spirit Capture writing to each of your family members. Today that letter is one of the best gifts I’ve ever recieved. And writing them is my very favorite gift to give. Savor the holidays as they approach. I’ve made a renewed commitment to honor my family, inspired by my dear friend Ramin whose family is the single most important facet of his life. I follow his lead…I support you in returning to the true meaning of the holidays…whatever that means to you. Love & Namaste… (the Divine in me beholds the Divine in you). Robbi

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