1% Woman

My heart feels full right now.

I just picked up my mail, which contained a surprise…a large manila envelope from a friend.

We rarely see one another. When we do, we enjoy quality time–a long walk along the water, or in deep, verdant, green woods. We connect quickly and deeply on the subjects of family, creativity, prosperity, love, God.

This friend is a highly intelligent, motivated and capable businesswoman– one of the rare few who balances her life well. She employs hundreds, offering important service to the medical industry (touching thousands of lives weekly), and is very successful financially. This is the kind of 1% woman the Occupy movement dreams of. This ‘1% Woman’ focuses on family first, has created a healthy, loving corporate culture within her company, and is philanthropic. She is a true role model to us all….

Back to the mail…I pulled from her envelope a simple drawing; a seagull, his hungry beak packed with dinner—-a juicy pink starfish. Waves of water lap against birds feet, kissing the moss covered rocks of the Puget Sound, the ocean blue sky brushes his wing.

You may not find this an extraordinary image. But I do.

Often, my friend expresses her desire to ‘ be more creative’.

So be it.

Opening her package, my heart filled with happiness knowing that she has bestowed upon me a sweet gift –a drawing, from her own hand, her own journal, to me.

It is the proclamation of her saying, “I am creative!” She wrote on the back, “Robbi- “Abundance.” Then drew a heart. Signed her name.”

I feel emotional because I recognize the many hours we spend talking about unleashing creativity, the importance of self-expression, and the sweetness of life. My heart is full because she has gifted this declaration, her beautiful drawing to me. A great gift! A gift from her heart to mine. I will frame this (fulfilled) seagull and put it in my studio to remind me of two things…

1) That I am always supplied for…that God is my source and supply. Seagulls don’t starve. They always find what they need to survive. I must trust this is my Truth as well.

2) My passion and mission: Supporting women to live more co-creative, fulfilled lives by expressing their beauty creatively.

I feel very grateful. Now it’s time to call her and tell her! Thank you 1% Woman for this delightful surprise from your Creative Hand!

May your day be blessed with your own beautiful moment of self-expression. Give your gifts to the world, and give them freely, with love.

; )

With my love, Robbi

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