Emerging the ‘Right’ from Within…

Packed with profound learning, this week I met remarkable people at (dig this), “The Worlds Greatest Marketing Seminar!” At this business seminar, I met one of the most inspiring, compassionate women I’ve known met in a while…an angel. Deborah is registered RN working in a Florida hospital. She created her own ‘Angel Cards’ and gifts them to patients experiencing difficulty. Deborah has written an inspiring ‘promise’ reminding those in pain of her ‘watchers in the night’. This little business sized card speaks of a promise to protect, always care, and to keep the patient safe and watched over. Originally cautious about giving these inspirational words to patients because of religious overtones, Deborah, after 30 years of healing people realized that often giving hope and kindness can be more healing than a nurses care. Here’s to you, Deborah. You are my heroine of the day. I am grateful that you remind me to stand in my Truth, knowing that what is ‘Right’ is always what emerges from my/one’s authentic, compassionate Self. It brings forth the question; how am I ‘ministering’ Love today, whatever I define it as (God, Spirit, Love Intelligence, Angels, Allah, Jesus)? How can I go that extra step in my work today to be a loving presence? How can I be more like RN Deborah? I ask you to reflect on the same.

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