Greater Yet to Be

Who have you encountered who is so confident, kind, compassionate and intelligent that by simply standing in their presence, you viscerally KNOW, in your bones, that you can accomplish your deepest desires NOW? I had some play time with a crew of these folks yesterday…revolutionary publisher and creative David L. Hancock, the world’s leading expert on radio publicity Alex Carroll, and lionhearted publicity Genius, Rick Frishman, the One and Only. These men are Right Power…spiritual volcanoes erupting intelligence, wisdom, joy and promise, supporting us to achieve our deepest desires. Savvy, generous, cool, joyfully motivational, tactically intelligent … I wanted to paint Spirit Capture oil portraits for all of them because of their amazing beauty. Their eyes shine with full potential and dedication. If you are fortunate to meet any of them, you are blessed. I’ve decided to spend a little time Oct 1-2 at their with Mark Victor Hansen. Come to Atlanta and join me! So, who in your life has brought this level of joy, confidence and radiance to your own heart? Who has lifted you into your next level, broadened your boundaries, joked you over your self constructed negative beliefs, or inspired you by their actions into your ‘greater yet to be’? Ask your Self this, and feel into the answer. See into the moment it occurred; allow it to live in every cell of your body, and carry it into your day as a sacred secret. You are a Divine Manifestation of the only thing that is. As am I. You are power, light and love. You are capable, steadfast, filled with integrity and Intelligence. Know it. I know it for you. I hold you to your highest, as these wonderful new friends hold me to mine. Blessings and Namaste, Robbi

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