Passionate, Turbulent: New Eyes for Art

Yesterday my nephew, Dakota, and I visited the Museum of Glass & Hot Shop, Tacoma Glassblowing Studio, Traver Gallery and Washington State Historical Museum. He’s 16. Cody likes cars, hunting, my Iphone and Seen Babes.

How was this young man able to spend so much time in ‘Art World’ with me?

I simply asked him to go. He said, “Yeah. Ok,” and we played this game: in each place, we would decide which ‘thing’ we would buy, regardless of cost, if we could.

Cody has a good eye. Cody chose the most expensive Chihuly at Traver Gallery. Plus we laughed, teased and goofed…perfect day.

When I was 16, I visited San Francisco and the wedding of my Aunt Jean–artist/educator at one of the most prestigious art schools in SF. A Laura Ingles Wilder-esque farm girl to that point, the trip changed my life. For the first time, I decided ‘who’ I could be, rather than falling into the path that seemed destiny for me.

I would be an artist. Travel the world. Speak languages, learn from people with alternative ideas and lifestyles… I would build my life from that point on with decisions I would make, rather than those made for me.

On that trip, I learned that by changing my thinking, I could create the life of my dreams.

What are Cody’s dreams? I pray that the simple act of exposing him to glassblowing skateboarders, prosciutto, cozy Gig Harbor, real fish & chips and interesting art will offer him new thoughts, authentic dreams and goals worthy of such a promising, intelligent, passionately turbulent young man.

Thanks Aunt Jean.

Blessings, Robbi

Saturday, August 14, 2010

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