Community as simple as ice cream

One person continues to inspire me in my neighborhood. Despite a little bout with a recent heart attack, he inspires a slow, steady, intelligent stride toward cohesive community where none existed in the midst of former urban decay.

By creating a coalition of the most passionate, open hearted business owners and residents, we meet monthly, and plan gatherings. We plant this median, or pick up trash on that block. We water each others plants, and frequent the mom and pop coffee shop. An ice cream social was on the agenda tonight.

We won’t seek city permits (it’s easier to say your sorry than to ask permission.) We’ll each bring a flavor to share. And that’s that.

Could it really be this simple to come together? Ice cream? Really? It seems so. And my neighborhood in a little city in Washington is better for it.


Thanks ‘one person.’ You’re groovy.

Are you that ‘one person?’

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