Killing in Excess; Override Your Crocodile Brain

It is hard for me to leave Africa. Africa is home to my humanity. I feel it in my bones. Being on Safari reminds me how so many of us live in our reptilian brain. As the crocodile who kills. There is no thought. No emotion. No judgment or right and wrong. It’s just what he does. It’s his life. And yet we humans have Choice. To consciously override our reptilian-survival-brain into a place of Conscious Choice. Overriding fear so we don’t have to keep killing. Why, then, do so few people make the effort? And keep killing in excess like the crocodile? (Our souls, our dreams or each other.) Problem is, we do Feel about it; have consciousness around it, because our thought process is more complex. So there is really, no excuse for the human. Except for lack of Self-Motivated Choice. I wish everyone could see hundreds of wildebeest and zebra cross a crocodile river. See the babies swim back and forth, looking for the mother which has just been snapped out of life by the great and powerful jaws of a 4 meter crocodile. And the baby bleeting, crying out for its mother. Swimming through the peril back to the other side to find her. And perhaps back once again. Calling. Looking. And then finally left by the herd to lie in wait for her, expecting her to come up from the depths of water to feed it and protect. I learned early on about this waiting. Waiting for her to reemerge from the depths to feed and protect me. Maybe that’s why I’m stripped raw when I see an event such as this. The gift I was given around my mothers death was a Consciousness around ‘taking care of each other’. I tithe 10% of my income to worthy causes. I urge you to give what you can, of time and/or money, to an efficient, meaningful charity which pulls your heart. I’ll be listing 10 on my website soon which I have researched and truly believe in. My Human Consciousness allows me to know that this is the Strong and Good thing to do. Let me know how I can support you in giving of your heart to something you believe in. And any commissions that come to me through this blog, mention ‘Africa’ and receive 10% off your commissioned portrait price. Blessings and Love, Robbi Firestone

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