The Northwest Witch of November

Two nights ago, the NorthWest Witch of November rattled my studio windows.  She blew over a 70 pound potted plant on my terrace.  She pulverized the cobalt blue, terra-cotta urn; exposed a grid of tightly woven root.  This beautiful, white flowering bush, bound on all sides by this vessel, badly needed transplant.  Completely oblivious, I enjoyed its feather white beauty, hummingbirds, fragrance…I appreciated it fully, never knowing that it needed a move.

You haven’t heard from me for me a long while.  I too am being called into a shift from my sweet little pot with tangled roots to a greater way of Being.  In March I became engaged to David, the man of my dreams.  We have been traveling through the West–being called—savoring this vast, magnificent country.

This year I have chosen to focus inward on my engagement, and of course, my painting.  Now, as the winter winds blow, I feel excited to pulverize my former beautiful life, expose my roots and open to greater placement—body, mind and spirit….

My portraits have blossomed.  I focused on freeing my hand, spending more time testing, creating, exploring new colors, and piling on the paint.  I’m doing a series focused on Children of Endangered Cultures…the first painting of a 4-year-old Tibetan girl. I’ll share the image when it is complete.

I feel my consciousness and compassion heightened in this economy.  You and I, we have so much, don’t we?  And there are so many who have so little.  My intention is to be more aware when someone around me needs to reach for a bigger pot.  I am grateful I no longer do this journey of life and creation alone, as my love David will help me find the perfect place to transplant and grow into full(er) glory.

I hope I attract hummingbirds.

I know you attract hummingbirds.

Let the winds blow.

Love, Robbi


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