Iron Artist: Who will reign supreme?

Announcing the Iron Artist Challenge!, and my quest for the title as the NEW Iron ArtistChampion!!!

I’ll be pitted against teams of great power and glory, so I must feed off your energy to defeat them!!!!

Come cheer me on for this rowdy, commentary filled, 1 hour-frenzied art-making experience at the Tacoma Art Museum! It’s Free!

Inspired by the original Japanese cooking show Iron Chef, Iron Artist invites artists to create competitive, improvised art with materials provided and selected based on the current Tacoma Art Museum exhibition Sparkle Then Fade.

  • Friday, August 10, 2007
  • 6-8:30PM
  • Free Community Celebration!
  • Tacoma Art Museum
  • For more information visit or call 253.272.4258.
  • Experience competitive, real-time art making at Tacoma Art Museum’s Glitter, Glisten and Gleam.

“I am ready to be ‘hailed throughout the land’ as the NEW Iron Artist Champion

as my daring style is feverish, bold and inspired!
Creating with joie de vivre, velocity, sparkle and light,
my work will download vision with inventive humor,
joyful expression, and adventurous risk.

Pushing the boundaries of Lush,
I play with media unconventionally,
adventuring into creating works
of poor taste and sheer genius (evil, maniacal, frenzied laugh here)!

I will forever savor the moments of high-tension drama,
evil-doer artist competitors rising to their glorious, ultimate heights,
the hilarious play-by-play commentary driving  fierce opponents
who were (dare I say) fool enough to compete against me
for the soon to be world renowned title of “The Tacoma Art Museums Iron Artist 2007!!!!”

I shall WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( If not, dare to mock me!………………………………. (Evil, maniacal laugh again…..)”

#          #          #

Hope to see you there!

; )  Robbi!

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