Paint a Rock Star Backstage? Why Not?!!!

This Sunday I was profoundly blessed to hang backstage with the INCREDIBLE band MercyMe, and paint an oil portrait for the lead singer, Bart Millard. Well, begin one anyway. He’ll receive it in about 120 days. A profoundly gracious, kind and talented man, I feel blessed to get to know him a bit as he fluidly moved from setup, to sitting with me, performance, shower, then back to my chair for a bit more time to paint. Surrounded by loving friends and family, we were visited by luminary writer Karen Kingsbury who has sold over 15 million inspirational books! I’ll toss up some photos in a bit…right now i’m just exhausted and headed to early bed. Wish me luck on Bart’s portrait. He is a king, and deserves only the best. I wept with gratitude during the concert. Listen to the Mercy Me song, Imagine. its still my favorite after all these years. Blessings and love, Robbi

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