Self Care Reminder; = Painting

Today the Message I keep hearing centers on “Self Care.”
It’s so easy to skip about the day, catapulting from one task to the next. This morning I am reminded that my passion for painting is not only my work, and my art, but also how I best take care of my heart.

So I stepped back in front of my easel to finish my another oil portrait figurative for the Masai series.
Do you think its complete? I’m still not sure….
Here she is in her current glory.
And here I am, having taken care of myself today.
Ahhhh. Exhale!

I feel thankful I am able to paint. And Breathe….

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  1. yes and no- not quite complete.
    thank you robbi.

    i wrote next to my email address –
    down with the internet – face one another –
    the internet took that down – i have always wanted to blow things up that are stupidly restrictive – it was my way to the truth – now i breath into them – they evaporate – i walk through the tunnel into the lair – i lay down next to the lion and hold her hand so she can sleep – she has done the same for me. i breath again. the next door screams – there is no poetry in that haven – now i can go home.

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