Vision Journaling

Vision Journaling: a day of play exploring your dreams and expressing your inner artist. Creating your own Vision Journal is the process of combining the Life Visioning Process with Art Journaling.

A joyful method of creating ‘future memories’, Dr. Michael Beckwith’s Visioning Process calls to mind what we must release, embrace and be grateful for in order to attain our desired life. My art journaling process honors this, while using ones individual creative authenticity to tangibly understand and manifest your hearts desires.

Fee: $50.00 Scheduled Workshop dates: April 26, 2009 at Dragonfly on Pacific Avenue, Tacoma WA. May 2, 2009 at Feralwood Retreat Center, Olympia WA. June Date in Los Angeles to be announced. Learn a new way to fully express your authentic, beautiful self. A time of creativity and connection, this ‘play-shop’ brings fresh understanding of yourself through art, and perhaps a revelation about your own spirit of joy. Best of all, you take the journal home and keep it going. Discover deep joys, dreams, desires and passions with personal art journaling- no templates, rules, or anything predictable. Feel free to bring your own special, unlined book (an artists sketch book is my favorite: choose a journal that feels luscious) or unique items you would like to personalize your journal. I’ll provide all you need….books, glue, sparkles, ribbons and magazines for pictures, markers, pens and pencils. No experience preferred! Let’s create a Vision Journal day at your home!

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