Last week, a homeless gentleman I met recently walked along the city store fronts, pulling cigarettes and trash from planters and tossing them into the road for the eventual street sweeper. I felt overwhelming love, respect, and gratitude for this man’s commitment to beautifying this place. Yesterday I looked out my window and saw a grassy hill covered by a broken trash bag, thrown from a car window, most likely. “I’ll pick that up later,” I thought. Immediately the Boom Boom thought hit. A Revolution means Now. Not later. Not waiting for another to do it. It’s MY RESPONSIBILITY. NOW. Accomplishing my Boom Boom card was embarrassingly motivating. So I tossed on some uggs and a raincoat, some latex gloves (being a painter, I’ve got ’em around), and I cleaned up the hillside. Drivers by were confused, but grateful. People smiled their gratitude. What I thought would be an embarrassing moment became beautiful. My neighborhood is more beautiful because of me. I’m grateful a homeless man became such an elegant teacher. and that Boom Boom gave me a nice BoomKick in the pants. Much gratitude. Love, www.RobbiFirestone.com

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