“Whatcha been up to?”


Last night I was asked,

“Whatcha been up to?”

… I didn’t know quite how to respond.

So, here’s my answer; 2018 has brought many gifts. Here are some highlights; In March 2018 this documentary, The Empty Womb about my artwork and ‘Telling the Truth’ by internationally renowned filmmaker, Betsy Chasse Betsy Chasse premiered at United Nations in parallel with Commission on the Status of Women, thanks to Hollywood Producer Tess Cacciatore and Global Women’s Empowerment Network.

In April, I was thrilled to speak New Mexico Philharmonic Arts and Music Festival at New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science in their planetarium (that was SO cool!!!). The next week I presented a 3-hour talk for SCORE Mentors, The Art of Mastering Art Marketing, (and am completing a same titled book).
Also, I was honored that Bill Walsh asked me to speak in NYC at a PowerteamUSA event. (More to come)….

I’ve been in talks with Dipika Trehan of women’s empowerment, The H.O.W. Forum in Bangalore, India about collaborating next year, thanks to Women Economic Forum – WEF – WEF Ohana USA, who conferred upon my work the award, “Iconic Leaders Bettering the World for All,” in New Delhi where I also spoke to Executives for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. on “Happiness.”

I feel grateful to be mentored by Creator/Friends like the GREAT artist Janice Arnold, on how to get my first installation space for The Empty Womb. I’m also being mentored by the phenomenal Carolin Soldo and The Powerhouse Coach team on building a coaching business to fulfill my mission; To provide catharsis, community, coaching and resources to women challenged with LIFE after IVF and infertility. (I am putting to work my liscence, RSCP through Holmes Institute)

In March I purchased (and renovating) a permanent space to hang my work for museum/media viewings, to paint, and to permanently house Santa Fe Art Classes where I teach 2-hour, beginner painting classes (so far this year, YPO, Road Scholar, Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino, etc).

I’ve visited stellar museums in NYC, Cleveland, Phoenix, etc. to feed my artists soul. I sleep 8+ hours a night, and rarely socialize. I also joined a choir Everyday Center for Spiritual Living- wanna come sing? Everyone is welcome!

There ya go, Will Halm!

xoxox Robbi Firestone

Robbi Firestone Santa Fe Art Classes

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