No Longer Tackling Infertility Alone

“Robbi, This is wonderful that you are supporting women struggling with infertility. I had to deal with it entirely on my own. My physicians were not at all helpful nor was anyone in my life at the time supportive or understanding of these issues.

I’ve heard from many friends and acquaintances of their struggles and for whatever reason no one was interested nor did anyone ask me even though I worked with kids and loved them.

Eventually I put things together and figured I had thyroid issues. It took plenty of years to get anyone to take me seriously. No kidding! And, when they did I was already so sick I had to have surgery.

I am much better, but there continue to be health challenges and, of course, it affected my life deeply.

Any woman who is struggling with infertility, I would recommend that she see an

endocrinologist, or better yet, a naturopathic physician that specializes in endocrine issues and also to read up on it.

Today we have soooo many resources out there to inform us. If anyone is diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, it’s simply not enough to follow your doctor’s orders. We must also listen to our intuition and study the remedies because pills rarely cure us entirely and, in my case, they did little to address the symptoms.

I wish you the best and I know you will help many women through this difficult ordeal of infertility. Blessings! ? -Anna Maria -Seattle, WA


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