Journalist Anastasia Alt; Sitting in the Discomfort

A glorious young woman named Anastasia visited my studio this week, inspiring me in profound ways. In turn, I shared ‘The Empty Womb,’ and she wrote this moving piece reflecting her thoughts on the installation. Anastasia wisely advises us all to “Sit in the Discomfort;” sometimes that’s the only way to be a loving friend. Read on….

Sit In The Discomfort

by Anastasia Alt

“How are you?” they ask. “Oh, I’m fine,” you might reply. But really, you are not. Maybe the truth looks like this:

I was laid off.

I have cancer.

I am getting divorced.

I don’t have the money.

I drink too much and I don’t know why.

I am estranged from my family.

I was abused.

I am sad.

I visited an artist named Robbi Firestone in Santa Fe this week. She very candidly shared with me her story of infertility, which she is now sharing with the world through a moving installation entitled The Empty Womb.

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