Women Who Lift One Another…

Yesterday, Ylise Kessler, visited my studio to view The Empty Womb. Owner of a prestigious art consulting firm specializing in acquisitions, installation, collections management services and public art for corporations, Ylise provided her impressions, thoughts and critique on The Empty Womb installation.

Ylise is, frankly…. brilliant. And honest. I LOVE direct, confident, knowledgeable, direct women. After viewing the work by herself without my narrative, she offered many kind words. And, gratefully, these words which were the most generous of all….

“This one part looks amateur; I think you could make anther choice….,” or something to that affect.

Please tell me your thoughts…do you see a more effective choice?” I asked…

Then she offered me my long awaited solution…
Particularly RIGHT for that detail in the work.

Her suggestion? Profound, intentional, clear and ego-less. At one point I covered my face, almost crying with gratitude saying,
“I’ve been contemplating that element and had not known what to do! You’ve given me answers to questions I’ve been asking myself forever! You’ve just moved this installation forward by a year!”

There is so much work to do, yet Ylise pointed out options to further elevate the piece.

I feel so honored that women of her ilk continue to walk through my studio doors, offering their wisdom.

Wow. Just Wow.

And, thank you Ylise…for your time. And Intelligence.

Here’s to Awesome Women who lift one another up!




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